Katharine Barber

Partner and London and South East Heritage Lead, BA(Hons) History and Archaeology, Mst History of Design MCIfA

Katharine is an experienced Heritage Consultant and Archaeologist who leads Heritage Consultancy in London and the Southeast.

Katharine strongly believes in taking a holistic approach to the historic environment, considering historic buildings, landscapes and buried archaeological assets in tandem to ensure successful future development, management and change. She specialises in the assessment of above and below ground archaeology, the appraisal and analysis of built heritage and the creative reuse of historic buildings and sites. She has contributed to assessing significance and managing change at notable sites including Battersea Power Station, Gunnersbury Park, Reading Prison and the Natural History Museum.

Katharine’s expertise covers a range of building types including public, residential and cultural buildings and intricate urban regeneration projects; she is interested in exploring the juxtaposition between old with new, enhancing access to heritage for all and in putting people at the heart of placemaking.