NSW Parliament House Facade

Facade restoration to heritage-listed precinct

NSW Parliament

NSW Parliament House consists of a two-storey Georgian building, the oldest public building in the City of Sydney, flanked by two Neo-gothic additions containing the parliamentary chambers. Brimming with historical significance, the façade underwent a meticulous restoration led by Purcell, of critical maintenance work and a review of the buildings colour scheme. 

As Conservation Architect, Purcell undertook material investigations that revealed poor substrate conditions to the Rum Hospital columns and beneath the existing rendered facades. This led to the consideration of conservation repair methodologies, which informed a nuanced approach to the works. Alongside extensive documentary research and paint sampling, Purcell crafted a colour scheme that paid homage to the building’s historical link with the Mint Building and the broader context of the ‘Governor’s Domain and Civic Precinct.’  

Challenges included the stop-start management needed to oversee each repair while ensuring the building remained functional and occupied. 

The restoration emphasized conservation and sustainability by integrating modern technologies like LED lighting, seen at their best during the city’s festival of light and music, Vivid Sydney. Purcell’s innovative strategies successfully showcase the building’s original materials, highlighting wear on the Rum Hospital veranda columns as a testament to Parliament House's endurance. This careful restoration has honoured the architectural legacy of the Heritage Facades whilst ensuring its relevance and functionality for future generations.