NSW Parliament House Chambers

Restoring Australia’s first Parliament

NSW Parliament

Purcell were engaged as Lead Design Consultant for the Chambers Restoration Project at New South Wales Parliament House, one of the oldest precincts in Australia. 

The project was part of a broader renovation initiative aimed at preserving and upgrading the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council Chambers.

Under Purcell’s guidance, a team of sub-consultants skilfully managed mechanical, electrical, specialist lighting, materials conservation, and accessibility aspects of the refurbishment. A detailed exploration of materials, colours, and supplier specifications ensured consistency and authenticity throughout the process.

An important challenge centred on establishing a uniform approach for ongoing maintenance and repair, particularly concerning colours and materials.

Addressing disparities in leather hues led to the adoption of a standardized sourcing method, and colour-matched leather from a consistent supplier ensured a cohesive appearance across all furnishings.

Additionally, time posed a critical challenge for the project, given completion was needed before the opening of Parliament that year under the new government.

Purcell’s meticulous approach ensured safety, security, and accessibility were improved while respecting the original building.

Sustainability principles guided functional changes alongside historical preservation. The restoration efforts seamlessly combined modern enhancements, preserving historical significance while ensuring lasting functionality in the important space.