Rowenna Malone

Associate & Heritage Team Leader, MA (Cantab) MA IHBC

A Heritage Consultant with training as a historian and geographer, Rowenna is fascinated by the way that the past, present and future intersect with place and space. She enjoys analysing and contextualising buildings to understand their significance and then using that sound understanding to advise on the potential for change and on appropriate new design.

Rowenna’s interests lie in cultural buildings, particularly museums, heritage attractions and theatres, and education buildings, especially universities and colleges.
She has a passion for understanding and responding to the way that vernacular architecture reflects local landscapes, traditions and materials.

In addition to leading Heritage Consultancy in the East and working on various international projects, Rowenna is highly skilled in writing a range of reports from Heritage Statements to Conservation Plans.

Working on sites of all scales, she is experienced in liaising with architects and consultants to develop proposals for alterations and extensions that are sensitive whilst being responsive to client’s requirements.

Rowenna has provided advice for clients including the National Trust in East Anglia, Norwich and Nottingham Castles, the National Gallery and on Commonwealth War Graves Commission sites in India. She has also developed the first Heritage Strategy for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.